The Colorado Jewish Food Fest is a place to explore how Jews do food in the 21st century.

Because inclusive Jewish community is central to what we do and believe in, the food we serve should be accessible to people across the Jewish spectrum. Delicious kosher food will be available and clearly labeled. In order to accommodate the diversity of Kashrut practices, and to reduce our impact on the planet, the Colorado Jewish Food Fest will be a vegetarian event. Because sustainability is central to what we do and believe in, the food available will be eco-kosher as well: healthy, delicious, ethical, organically- or sustainably-produced, local, humane, and low­ carbon. Labels will be provided to increase the awareness of sustainability in our food choices.

Though the modern food system poses new challenges for us, we’re heirs to 3,000 years of tradition about keeping kosher, which is to say, we’ve asked whether our food was fit for us to eat for generations. And we understand that our food choices make a difference not only to ourselves but to the people who produce our food and the land and the animals that provide it.

Hazon established a series of food policies and best practices that were guided by our contemporary and traditional food values. These policies and practices are reflected in all our food-related decisions, including the Colorado Jewish Food Fest. It encompasses what foods we purchase, serve, and eat; and what materials we use to prepare, serve, and clean up afterwards. We hope that these guidelines will help you start your own conversation and inform the decisions in your home, institution, or organization.

Read more about Hazon’s values and policies here.